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Financial due diligence and transaction support...

Financial due diligence and transaction support

In any major transaction, such as acquiring another business, you and your financial backers will require assurance that you are not acquiring any unforeseen hazards or liabilities. A due diligence exercise will help you to assess and understand all the financial factors involved before you commit to a deal.

We have highly skilled and experienced staff available to undertake any aspect of due diligence to assist in the successful and smooth completion of the transaction. Our team will work closely with you and your other advisers, to deliver reports tailored to meet your requirements.

What we offer:

  • Acquisition financial due diligence
  • Working capital reviews
  • Transaction support
  • Stock exchange reporting '“ we perform the reporting accountant role in public documents for Official List, AIM and other markets (long form, short form and other reports)

Examples of the projects that our team has worked on:

  • Reporting accountants for a group listed on the Official List raising capital from shareholders to make an acquisition
  • Reporting accountants for a company listed on the Official List making a reverse acquisition of a software company
  • Reporting accountants for the flotation of an AIM-listed cash shell and subsequent reverse takeover of a high-tech telematics business
  • Reporting accounts on the flotation of new cash-shell companies on AIM
  • Working capital review for a fully listed group in connection with financial assistance for the purchase of own shares in relation to bank guarantees
  • Financial due diligence on a chain of bookmakers being acquired by a private company
  • Financial due diligence on a chain of bingo-halls being acquired by a fully listed company
  • Financial due diligence in relation to the acquisition of a minority stake in an AIM-listed cash shell
  • Financial due diligence in relation to the acquisition of a 50% stake in a private group of care homes

Share and business valuations

Valuing a business or shares in a private company is an inexact science as the value depends largely on its future prospects which cannot be calculated with certainty. Judgement is therefore required in a number of areas which gives scope for two different accountants to arrive at alternative valuations.

We have experience of undertaking valuations in a variety of circumstances including:

  • Appointment as an independent accountant in accordance with companies' Articles of Association
  • Capital gains tax or inheritance tax valuations involving agreement of the valuation with the HM Revenue & Customs' Shares Valuation Division
  • Disposal of shares in a non-listed company held by a pension scheme
  • Matrimonial disputes

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